Risk Management

Risk Management and Private Insurance Companies

Our insurance specialists will identify areas that could negatively impact your short and long term financial goals. We will explore scenarios and solutions to transfer risk to an insurance company in order to minimize a catastrophic impact on your cash flow and portfolio. Insurance can often provide cost effective ways to cover risk if an unanticipated event would occur. Insurance is a cost-efficient way to fund:

  • Long Term Care
  • Disability
  • Life Protection
  • Buy-Sell and Business Succession Plans



Through the power of partnership, our Business Enhancement Team with an Experienced Third Party Administrator will evaluate the benefit of forming a private insurance company to manage risks not typically covered by ordinary property casualty coverage. This technique of risk management affords new risk financing options. Premiums paid through a private insurance company may be tax deductible for the owner.

Our team will assist you to establish, manage, maintain, and monitor your Private Insurance Company’s portfolio needs.

Are you self-insuring the risk in your business in the most efficient way possible? Have you quantified the actual risks you are taking?